Have you ever found it hard to move your head freely after a good night’s sleep? This sharp pain may make it hard to do simple tasks such as looking over your shoulder when backing out of your driveway and more. It is said that pain in your neck is the worst pain to have. Your neck is fragile; it holds the weight of your head and is essential to your ability to do a lot of things in your daily life. The bones in your neck are directly connected to the bones leading to your back. These bones support your body and are directly involved with your daily movements. Without the normal mobility of these bones, life can become difficult. On that same note, many people tend to call out for work due to back pain. This debilitating pain does not only add to your physical discomfort but also, with it, a financial strain, as days turn to months without work. If you ever experienced back pain, the pulling or burning sensation is pretty painful, making it hard to move about comfortably. Given the importance of your neck and back, without proper treatment and care, such pain can lead to the possibility of other problems, including chronic pain or paralysis. Neck and back pain can limit your daily activities, so what can you do to properly care for your body and get back to your normal daily activities.

Neck Pain

Neck pain also referred to as “a stiff neck,” is a pain like no other, as it becomes hard to hold your head and move it freely as you normally would. Such pain is followed by muscle tightness or spasms described as sharp pain, and for some, headaches. Neck pain can be caused by muscle strains from poor posture when at a computer, reading from your phone, and other activities. If you have recently been in a car accident, it is strongly advised that you seek immediate medical attention. This is to avoid further complications such as nerve damage, chronic pain, or paralysis. In other cases, neck pain can be treated at home with over-the-counter pain relievers such as Aspirin, Ibrohonen, or Tylenol. If neck pain is not treated properly it may become worse leading to pains in other parts of the body, including a loss of strength in the arms or hands. It is good to note if the pain lasts longer than a few weeks or if the pain starts to spread or worsen, seek medical attention. 

Back Pain

Back pain can result from poor posture, repeated motions, strains, or injuries. Over time poor posture or repetitive motions can eventually cause strain to the neck, spine, and other ligaments. Injury from car accidents, slips and falls, incorrect lifting, and a sum of other events or activities can lead to pain that may need medical attention. Back pain can also result from a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve may result in numbness in the arms or legs, weakness or loss of control in the legs, or problems with urination.  If you have recently experienced a car accident, it is strongly advised to seek immediate medical attention. This is to avoid further complications such as nerve damage, chronic pain, or paralysis. Back pain can be managed with adjusted posture or over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol, Aspirin, or Ibrohonen, however, if your pain seems to last longer than a few weeks seek medical attention. 

What to do and Where to go?

When pain relievers fail to give you the relief you need, what do you do? Migraine and Spine Clinic has urgent care treatments just for you, whether it is your neck, back, or both. There is no need to wait for hours and hours for relief at an emergency room. Turn those days to weeks of pain into minutes with fast relief treatments. Migraine and Spine’s Urgent Care has short wait times and treatments for fast relief, located in Valdosta, Georgia. Treatments such as Trigger Point Injections are used for muscle spasms or tightness found in those areas that cause pain or discomfort providing relief in no more than ten minutes. With the treatments provided, you can get back to your life and not miss out on work another day! Say goodbye to pain and hello to relief at the Migraine and Spine Clinic’s Urgent Care!