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This place is the best! They provide fast, friendly service and immediate relief from migraines! Justin and Josh are extremely patient, compassionate, and genuinely kind. I'm so thankful for The Migraine and Spine Clinic of Valdosta!
Rebecca Joiner
As a lifelong migraine sufferer I'm so blessed to have Josh and Justin! They truly care about their patients! I used to go to the ER for migraines THANK GOD 4 THIS CLINIC!
Brent Moore
Always there when needed. Much appreciated! Thanks to Joshua Batson and Justin for the professional medical services offered. These guys keep me going when the going gets tough.
Paul Day
Sudden migraine on a Sunday. We dashed over, and they quickly checked us in and did a nerve block. Immediate relief. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Brit Bugby
I LOVE the staff...I just plain LOVE this place. Great services.
Yolanda Gardner
Great staff and doctors! Get you in quickly and make you feel better fast!
Dena Rosenbaum
Wonderful!! I got relief within minutes! I couldn't believe it, I've never gotten relief so fast.
Debra Varella
There's such a wonderful doctor and staff when you need help with neck and back pain just call them up.
Robin Gay
Best Staff, very caring and listen well to your needs to provide a personalized treatment.
Amy Croft
I've been coming to this clinic for some time and I have never had a bad experience. James treats me with experience and compassion. I don't feel like a number or just another patient. This to me speaks volumes, even when I needed to come on a weekend. Thank you.
Luciana Jackson
The Migraine and Spine Clinic provides quick relief without the wait time and hassle! Best of all, they understand what you’re going through and don’t make you feel like “it’s just a little headache”!
Kayla Spradley
I’ve been suffering from chronic migraines for months after having to pause Botox injections. Going here and meeting everyone and seeing how amazing they are is beyond helpful and great. I have been getting injections every 2 weeks and each time I am treated with care and am beyond thankful for having them as an option
Chris Pellegrino
The environment is so headache friendly with dimmed lights in the room & very comfortable chairs to sit in. The staff is so nice & helpful. Batson was great at explaining what I’m going through and how he’d approach taking care of it. I just got through with nursing school at VSU & I see so much about what I learned about communication, education, and bedside manner in him. Definitely wish I’d come here sooner!
Kathryn Combs
Went to The Migraine and Spine Clinic in Valdosta today for other options, ideas to try. OMG I wish I had gone here sooner. I've been battling migraines since I was 14-15 years old. Finally a medical professional who understands and is willing to customize and work out an individualized treatment plan.... I got 5 nerve blockers today and migraine cocktail (another 3 shots). My head feels so much lighter!
Jessie Judkins
The clinic employs a staff of very caring and understanding individuals. Those who administer treatment truly do feel your pain. They have all be impacted by migraines. They do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible and go above and beyond to get rid of your migraine. Keep fighting the good fight!
Angel Sutton
I've been a chronic migraine sufferer for 5 years or more and for the first time since since they first started, after seeing several neurologists who have been unable to help me, I have had less migraine days, and the severity of the migraines has greatly decreased! He is kind, compassionate and understanding. Josh Batson changed my life! I am forever grateful!
Patty Monk