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About Us

Josh of Migraine and Spine Clinic
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About Us

The Migraine and Spine Clinic was opened in 2017 by Josh Batson. A local nurse practitioner with experience in the field of neurology in Valdosta, GA . He saw a lack of options for immediate treatment options for people suffering from head, neck, and back pain and wanted to help.

Josh has seen over the years, firsthand, how debilitating this pain can be.  His wife suffers from severe chronic migraines and could only seek relief for acute episodes at the emergency room. Most emergency rooms do not prioritize migraine patients. This leads to long wait times. Furthermore, once a migraine patient is seen, a lot of times they are treated like a drug seeker and get treated with very little compassion. Most emergency room protocols for treating severe acute migraine fall short on providing relief. Having a clinic in the community to quickly treat acute migraine episodes on a walk-in basis is huge for the patient and their loved ones.  

The Migraine and Spine Clinic is the only urgent care in South Georgia that specializes in migraines, neck and back pain. They administer nerve blocks and steroid injections that are proven to work and patients can see immediate results. These procedures are low risk, non-narcotic, and tailored to each patient to provide them with relief when the traditional methods just are not working. Many times, our patients have endured years of debilitating pain, finding little or no relief in conventional methods of pain management and told to live with the pain.  

The Migraine and Spine Clinic is designed with the patient in mind.  The whole experience is tailored to make patients feel comfortable – soft lighting, comfy chairs, short wait time. The treatment options take minutes to administer and help the patient start to return to normal. 

We are committed to our patients.  We believe in what we do. We have the experience to know it works. We do what it takes to improve your every day.

"This place is the best! They provide fast, friendly service and immediate relief from migraines! Justin and Josh are extremely patient, compassionate, and genuinely kind. I'm so thankful for The Migraine and Spine Clinic of Valdosta!"