October 12, 2020, Valdosta, GA – The Migraine and Spine Clinic expanded its services to include long term migraine management.  Migraine Management offers the patient the next level of care by focusing on reducing the frequency of migraine attacks and decreasing the intensity of breakthrough attacks.

“Giving the patient a higher quality of life is important to me,” said Josh Batson, NP, owner. “With the addition of migraine management services we can really customize a treatment plan to serve the patient for the long term.”  “We use BOTOX and the newest medications on the market to improve your long term migraine control.”

With over 10 years of neurology experience, Batson knew he needed to do more for his patients and the community. Having an urgent care for quick relief options is important but also having an ongoing treatment plan tailored to each patient is key to success of managing migraines. 

The Migraine and Spine Clinic has been in operation since 2017 is the only clinic in South Georgia that specializes in migraines. The clinic offers a walk-in urgent care seven days a week and uses treatments that are low risk, non-narcotic, and tailored to each patient to provide them with immediate relief. Patients can now schedule regular maintenance appointments that can result in better quality of life in the long-term.

The Clinic is located at 3315 N Valdosta Rd. Suite A in Valdosta, Georgia.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Josh Batson, NP please call  229-333-9838 or  visit themigraineandspineclinic.com

Source: Valdosta CEO “The Migraine and Spine Clinic of Valdosta Expands Services” Article

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