Earlier this month, The Migraine and Spine Clinic of Valdosta rolled out a new website and logo to better align its company’s mission and values. The Clinic’s mission is to serve as an alternative to the ER by providing personalized urgent care using treatments that alleviate your head, neck or back pain.

“Our new website will help us better connect to new and current patients in South Georgia. As well as educate everyone on cutting edge treatments to help head, neck, and back pain without the use of opioid pain medication.” stated Josh Batson, Nurse Practitioner and Founder of The Migraine and Spine Clinic.

The new website uses a clean and simplistic design that is user-friendly and provides information on treatment options, FAQs, company history, and patient testimonials. The logo incorporates brand traits like experts and quality, and, uses Steel and Midnight Blues with a clean, modern design, balanced out with a large curvy ampersand to tie in softer elements of the company values, such as reliability and understanding.

The Migraine and Spine Clinic is the only urgent care clinic in South Georgia that specializes in migraines, neck and back pain. These types of pain disorders commonly present as headaches, radiating pain in the neck down into the shoulders, and lower back pain with or without sciatica (pain that radiates from the lower back down into the hip and back of the legs). The Clinic is designed with the patient in mind – soft lighting, comfy chairs, short wait time.

Located conveniently off North Valdosta Road at 3315 N Valdosta Rd. Valdosta, Ga 31602, you can walk-in seven days a week, no appointment necessary.