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Are these treatments covered by insurance?

We accept most types of insurance; please call the clinic with any questions about your specific insurance policy. We also accept cash payment $150 for the visit and treatment.


Is there a copay?

Copayment amount is dependent on your particular insurance plan. Most insurance cards have copayment amounts listed on the card (we are an URGENT CARE CLINIC). It is our policy to collect copayments at time of service.


What is a nerve block?

A nerve block is an injection of a nerve blocking agent, such as lidocaine, to “turn off” the nerve which typically results in decreased pain. An injection of a steroid is sometimes administered to help reduce the inflammation and swelling of tissue around the nerves of where the you are feeling pain.


What is an injection?

A small needle is used to “inject” the nerve blocking agent and/or steroid in very specific locations to help decrease your pain.


What do you treat?

We specialize in treating nerve related head, neck, and back pain. These types of pain disorders commonly present as migraines, radiating pain from the neck to the shoulders, and lower back pain with or without sciatica (pain that radiates from the lower back down into the hip and back of the legs).


Do you prescribe pain medications?

We do not prescribe any medications. We also do not administer any opioids.  We use a combination of non-narcotic medications, nerve blocks, and steroid injections to treat active head, neck and back pain. 


Do I need an appointment?

We are a walk-in urgent care clinic so no appointment is necessary, however, you are able to call ahead to discuss your symptoms and what we can do to help during normal business hours.


Do I need a referral?

We are a walk-in urgent care clinic.