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Migraine Mode

About Us

The Migraine and Spine Clinic was opened in June 2017 by Josh Batson. A local nurse practitioner with years of experience in the field of neurology in Valdosta, GA . He saw a lack of options for immediate treatment of people suffering from head, neck, and back pain and wanted to help.

Josh experienced first hand what it was like for severe sufferers like his wife, Christine, to seek relief for acute migraine episodes at the emergency room. Most emergency rooms do not or are unable to prioritize migraine patients. This leads to long wait times and prolonged suffering. Furthermore, a lot of migraine patients have the experience of being treated like a drug seeker and feel very little compassion for their condition. Most emergency room protocols for treating severe acute migraine fall short on providing significant relief. Having a clinic in the community with the ability to quickly treat acute migraine episodes on a walk-in basis is a great resource for the patient, their family, and our community.

The Migraine and Spine Clinic is the only clinic in South Georgia that specializes in just migraines, neck and back disorders. We provide proven treatments and management plans and most patients can see immediate results. Our procedures and management plans are low risk, non-narcotic, and tailored to each patient to provide them with immediate relief and long term improvement when traditional methods are just not working. Too often, our patients have endured years of debilitating pain, finding little or no relief in conventional methods of disease management and told to live with the pain or take high levels of narcotics.

The Migraine and Spine Clinic is designed with the patient in mind. The whole experience is tailored to make patients feel comfortable – soft lighting, comfortable chairs, and short wait times. The urgent care treatment options take minutes to administer and help the patient start to feel better usually within 10 minutes. The long term management services offered are highlighted by our providers taking their time with each patient, newest evidence based practice methods and medicines on the market, and ability to schedule your initial appointment within 2 weeks, typically.


Josh Batson

Josh Batson grew up in north Florida, but moved to Valdosta where he met and married his wife, Christine. Together, they have 5 daughters. He received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Valdosta State University. His medical career started out at SGMC as a critical care nurse in CPU and CICU. Once he completed the nurse practitioner program at VSU, Josh began working in Neurology. This is where he built his knowledge and skills for treating nerve based pain disorders. Josh and his wife are migraine sufferers making this not just a professional passion but a personal one as well. In January of 2021, Josh was appointed to the Georgia Board of Nursing by Governor Brian Kemp.

  Justin Haskin

Justin Haskin was born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia. He is a graduate of Lowndes High School. He is married to his wife, Ansley, and together they have 2 boys. He received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degrees from Valdosta State University. Upon graduating with his BSN degree he worked for 2 years as a critical care registered nurse in the medical surgical intensive care unit (MSICU) at South Georgia Medical Center. After becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner, Justin began practicing in the field of Neurology where he found a passion for migraine and spinal based disorders. He has personally battled with chronic neck pain and headaches giving him an urgency to help fellow sufferers. 


We are committed to our patients. We believe in what we do. We have the experience to know what works. We do what it takes to improve your day, and take back your life!

The Migraine and Spine Clinic provides quick relief without the wait time and hassle! Best of all, they understand what you’re going through and don’t make you feel like “it’s just a little headache”!